Can Misses Hospital in Ibiza, Spain

Location: Ibiza, Spain

Segment: Healtcare

Solution: SMARTair™ access control system 

ASSA ABLOY was commissioned as the access engineering consultant for the completion of the new Can Misses Hospital in Ibiza, Spain.

The compatibility of its diverse electronic and mechanical products together with automatic opening systems by the Group ASSA ABLOY helped secure the contract.

Project Challenge Completing a new hospital requires careful consideration in terms of functionality, security and hygiene. ASSA ABLOY was tasked with providing secure access solutions for the building’s psychiatric ward, prison inmates ward, operating surgical rooms and on-site pharmacy. The psychiatric ward required door security solutions effective at preventing patients from coming to any self-harm and also protecting medical personnel working in the area. The prison inmates ward is also a highly sensitive space, which must be equipped to prevent patients from causing any harm to themselves or others. However, door security solutions must also provide a high-level of functionality for police personnel to regularly come and go unimpeded.

“In a building such as a hospital, some doors must provide a complex combination of various functions. ASSA ABLOY can offer a wide range of solutions to allow us to respond to every type of need. To ensure functionality, resource optimization and compliance with delivery times, it is essential to consider the design of the involved accesses at the earliest, with a careful evaluation of all components. This process often requires the involvement of all parties: designers, installers, client, door manufacturers, safety managers, general contractors... At ASSA ABLOY the specification team is dedicated to providing the necessary support for the selection and integration of these components from the earliest stages of design to implementation” explains Cécile Wilquin, Specification Manager ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Italia.

Surgical rooms present a different kind of challenge for security because it is crucial that everything is done to minimize the risk of infections spreading to and between patients. Doors must be highly responsive to accommodate rapid movement of authorized personnel and patient beds. Finally, the on-site pharmacy stocks regulated drugs and dangerous substances in large quantities. It therefore required a combination of high-level security with carefully monitored access control.

ASSA ABLOY provided unique solutions for specific areas of the Can Misses Hospital to ensure optimal functionality and security, underpinned by the access engineering locking plan.

The rooms’ locks were fitted with rollers, and consulting rooms with latches and Universal panic bars, to increase staff safety. Electronically controlled in-room access and emergency exits were also installed to prevent patients from leaving the premises without supervision or coming to any harm. ASSA ABLOY also ensured all rooms, including bathrooms, were lockable, guaranteeing they were suitable for treating patients with eating disorders. Electronic access systems were also used in the prison inmates ward, where armoured doors with electromechanical locks solved both the security and functionality needs of hospital and police personnel.

In the surgical areas of the hospital, automatic opening systems and hermetic automatic sliding doors by the Group ASSA ABLOY with SMARTair™ access control system were chosen to minimize contact with handles and doors. These were combined with cylinders and door closers from ASSA ABLOY, helping to improve responsiveness of the doors. The on-site pharmacy was fitted with SMARTair™ electronic locks and door closing systems to ensure monitored use of these areas.

The combination of products from ASSA ABLOY Group companies ensured this crucial area of the hospital is kept free from pollution, staff and patients are safe, equipment is secure and the spread of infections is reduced.