Grenoble Hospital

Location: Grenoble, France

Segment: Healthcare

Solution: Escutcheons E100 Aperio® and cylinders C100 Aperio®

The University Hospital Center (CHU) of Grenoble occupies a large open space in the city and with free entry to the inhabitants.

The University Hospital Center (CHU) of Grenoble occupies a large open space in the city and with free entry to the inhabitants.

Access to the hospital is indeed extremely easy, as it has no enclosure walls and even public transportation cross through its buildings. Given the high number of people transiting every day, the need was for a security system to control access: mostly the access to sensitive areas that require protection from unauthorized intrusions and vandalism, especially clinics and operating rooms.

The key requirements of the new system were reliable access control to regulate access to the 2,200-bed site, improving protection from intrusions and vandalism; a solution that was flexible and easy to use, whose ordinary maintenance could be managed by internal staff; a reliable system that also reassured the 7,800 employees of the Hospital Center that their personal items, as well as those of visitors, were well protected.

The Aperio® wireless locks drastically improved the security of the well-known French hospital. About 20 Online Aperio® battery-powered cylinders and escutcheons were indeed installed in the hospital buildings and connected to the access control system via a communication hub.

The open nature of the site had always represented a significant risk of intrusion and over time there had been several thefts inside the hospital. With ASSA ABLOY's Aperio® wireless access control, installed on the doors of sensitive areas of the hospital, it was finally possible to immediately achieve a drastic reduction in theft. In fact, the doors can only be opened with RFID smart cards issued to authorized personnel.

Aperio® Online technology now allows hospital security managers to grant or retrieve access rights and receive event reports in real time: significant deterrents for most thieves.

The University Hospital Center (CHU) of Grenoble also requested the possibility to carry out the internal maintenance of the Aperio® locks. For this purpose, an ad hoc training session was organized, and today the maintenance of both the cylinders and the escutcheons is very simple to carry out.

ASSA ABLOY offer goes from the more traditional mechanical systems to the latest generation of electromechanical and digital solutions, designed to satisfy the need for protection and accessibility, with innovation and convenience.