H-Farm International Campus

Location: Venice

Segment: Education - Corporate

AC system: Axis and Landscape Beta80 Group.

Solution: Aperio Online H100 wireless handles, Aperio Online L100 wireless locks, Aperio Online E100 wireless escutcheon.

H-Farm S.p.A. is one of the most innovative Italian companies, which stands out for its support for entrepreneurship and start-up initiatives. Its focus is on the creation of new business models and the transformation and education of young people and companies from a digital perspective, in the field of education, training and beyond.

Founded in 2005, H-Farm was the first company in the world to adopt a model that combines investments, business consulting and digital-oriented training programs in one place, and today it is recognized as the largest center of innovation in Europe.

 H-Farm has expressed to ASSA ABLOY specific needs regarding access control: a solution that would simplify the access management for a large number of users, in a vision of growth in terms of number of offices; secondly, it needed devices that could extend an existing system, such as Axis in some cases, without generating additional complexity.

This was accompanied by the need for a wireless system, which avoided the passage of cables at access points, as well as the ability to manage a rapid turnover of users of the sites. In fact, H-Farm regularly organizes or hosts nearly 300 events a year.

The access control device should have been adapted to the contemporary style of the architecture of the H-Farm campus, an investment worth over 100 million euros.

Finally, an easy-to-upgrade system was needed, so that daily office routines were not interrupted in any way by overly intrusive installation processes.

The solution chosen by H-Farm is a combination of battery-powered security handles and locks and an online wireless system, which have brought an advantage to the management of the new H-Farm campus access control system (Software 'Landscape' of Beta80) and at the same time guaranteed the functioning of the existing equipment (Axis A1001 controller) also at the other H-Farm offices. The Aperio devices for the doors are all wireless, so no wiring was needed on the H-Farm accesses.

Aperio offers a wide range of devices and H-Farm was able to choose the most suitable wireless lock according to the application: the L100 lock protects doors with high traffic and high security requirements; H100 handles are particularly suitable for interior doors with medium traffic.


Remote operation from a single central software interface is fluid and greatly simplifies system administration.

Aperio is a technology of ASSA ABLOY, a global leader in door opening and access control solutions.

ASSA ABLOY technologies range from the more traditional mechanical systems to the latest generation of electromechanical and digital solutions, designed to satisfy the need for protection and accessibility, with innovation and convenience.