Code Handle®

Code Handle® can be used in both commercial and residential buildings. These elegant, modern door handles are particularly suitable for use in shared facilities, such as photocopy rooms, archives and recreation rooms.

It is an innovative handle for interior doors, provided with a code. The door is always closed from outside, but with the hold open function, if necessary, it can be opened for the desired time. The handle allows access only by entering the appropriate code.

It is a simple and practical solution for offices and for the rooms to be protected from outsiders. Ideal to prevent access of children to potentially dangerous areas.

Door Solution

Inside door locking system. Patented technology.


  • Provided with indoor handle.
  • Materials: Brushed stainless steel, satin chrome zinc. To achieve a neutral look,compatible with any environment.
  • Power supply for about 100,000 locking cycles using 2 lithium batteries placed in the handle. No memory loss in case of power failure or changing the batteries.
  • Easy to install without wiring or connction.
  • Provided with optical and acoustic signal for simple and safe use.
  • Available for both right or left opening.
  • The handle works from 0°C to 50°C


  • The locking mechanism is operated using five buttons. Four buttons for entering 6 digit code to open and a button for close.
  • When opening a green light flashes and and you hear a beep.
  • When locking a red light flashes and and you hear a beep.
  • User codes can be changed an unlimited number times.
  • Reset function.
  • If a user enters a wrong code five times, the Code Handle® is blocked for 3 minutes
  • Free rotation from the outside when the door is closed.
Window Solution

Inside locking of windows, balcony doors and patio doors. Patented technology.


  • User-friendly locking without a key.
  • Can be locked in all 90° positions - even in ventilation mode for tilting and casement windows and doors.
  • High level of safety for children.
  • Elevated intrusion protection.
  • For the following areas of use: at home, daycares, schools, official offices, public buildings, retirement homes.
  • Easy installation.
  • No wiring necessary.
  • ESD and EMC tested to the relevant parts of EN 13126-1, EN 1627-30, SS 3620


  • Code Handle® is unlocked with a six-digit code in the number range 1 to 4.
  • Separate locking button.
  • Up to 5 different (six-digit) user codes
  • Blocking function with repeated entry of an incorrect code
  • A combined administrator/user code for input, changing and deletion of user code. At the same time, the signal tone can be activated or deactivated with this code.
  • The code is not impaired in its function due to power failure/battery replacement
  • Operation with standard AAA alkali batteries
  • Provided with optical and acoustic signal for simple and safe use.
  • Battery life around 2 years/15,000 locking cycles
  • Supplied with M5 standard screws and security screws, as well as interchangeable spindle.
  • Corresponds to DIN standard, 43 mm depth gauge