In many buildings with public traffic there are areas
which should not be accessible to the public:

  • Warehouse
  • Staff rooms
  • Common rooms in branch locations
  • Staff WC
  • Store room

The ESA500 electronic door fitting is ideally suited for these applications.
With the door code system, internal doors with mortise locks can also be retrofitted – without any additional electrical installation or mains connection.
With the replacement of a fitting, the door is protected against unauthorised access with a compact and integrated access control system.

  • Easily retrofitted to existing doors
  • Suitable for solid-leaf and tubular frame doors with many European mortise locks
  • No wiring required
  • Power supply is provided by a 3 V battery
  • Four or six-digit door codes
  • Up to 99 user codes
  • Security-related electronics inside the fitting,
  • Various release options
    • Office function: Permanent release, open time adjustable over several hours
    • Delivery function: Single-use code, e.g. access for parcel service, tradesman
    • Hotel function: the programmed access code is valid for several days (max. 36)
  • One-sided emergency exit functionality: the door can be opened at any time from the inside with permanently disengaged internal door handle.
  • Simple programming
  • Easy installation
  • Programming with menu structure with visual feedback
  • Appealing design
Overview of additional characteristics:
  • Higher security up to use category 3 according to
  • DIN EN 1906
  • Approval for fire doors according to DIN 18273
  • Suitable for escape routes according to DIN EN 179 in combination with approved lock
  • Robust version for outdoor installation IP54
  • Drill-open protection
  • Anti-Drilling protection with integrated overload coupling