CY110 Euro-profile cylinder with knob

A secure solution where privacy is highly required but with an easy way-out. Cylinders with knob block firmly the doors but, at the same time, allow a rapid exit.

Knob is able to block and unblock the cylinder. The knob can only unblock the cylinder but cannot prevail the opening with the key. This ensure that knob is not used to keep outside other people. It’s especially recommended in applications where there are children, like schools.

Furthermore, a special functionality on the clutch is available. It disables it in case the knob is somehow blocked and make the key always rotate the cylinder. An additional safety function to avoid someone closes himself off inside a room.It’s especially recommended in hospitals and hospices.



  • For exterior and interior doors
  • KD, KA and MK systems available

Available finishes:

  • Satin nickel


  • Length starting from 30-30 mm extensible up to 80-80 mm (using extensions of 5 mm each)
  • Version with Euro-profile cylinder with knob available
  • Clutch realise function available
  • Available with "Classroom" function (double-entry)
  • Knob with diamond shape with same finish of cylinder
Security Standard

Superior security standards:

  • 5 minutes of resistance to perforation with drilling machine (1)
  • Resistance to pulling up to 15kN (1)
  • Resistance to burglary attempts
  • Anti-bumping (only KD and KA)
  • Reliable for at least 500.000 cycles of opening / closing
  • Corrosion resistance up to 96 hours in salt spray chamber
  • Security certification according to Norm EN 1303:2015 and SKG**


Security Standard EN 1303:2015

Category of use


Door Mass 

Fire resistance


Corrosion resistance

Key related security 

Attack resistance 

1 6 - B - C 5 D (2)


Environmental Certification available               

(1) Euro-profile cylinder according to Norm EN 1303-2015
(2) If equipped with escutcheon