CY110 Half Euro-profile cylinder

High security half cylinder to protect your building against burglary attempts. Keep your internal places secure with CY110 Half Euro-profile cylinder.



  • For exterior and interior doors
  • KD, KA and MK systems available

Available finishes

  • Satin nickel


  • Length starting from 30-30 mm extensible up to 80-80 mm (using extensions of 5 mm each)
  • Version with Euro-profile cylinder with knob available
  • Version with multi-position cam as standard
Security Standard

Superior security standards:

  • 5 minutes of resistance to perforation with drilling machine (1)
  • Resistance to pulling up to 15kN (1)
  • Resistance to burglary attempts
  • Anti-bumping (only KD and KA)
  • Reliable for at least 500.000 cycles of opening / closing
  • Corrosion resistance up to 96 hours in salt spray chamber
  • Security certification according to Norm EN 1303:2015 and SKG**


Security Standard EN 1303:2015

Category of use 

Durability Door Mass

Fire resistance 


Corrosion resistance

Key related security

Attack resistance 

1 6 - B - C 5 D (2)


Environmental Certification available                                                                                                                                       

(1) Euro-profile cylinder according to Norm EN 1303-2015
(2) If equipped with escutcheon