CY110: high performances in every type of application

A reliable range with high performances that gives the confidence that the building is secure, inside and outside. Robust reversible keys make users save time and avoid bothers.

CY110 cylinder is designed for durability and high performances. The blocking system is reliable for at least 500.000 cycles of opening / closing and tested according to EN Standard 1670:2007 for corrosion resistance. Your CY110 cylinder will last in time.

A secure and patented design that includes the security a punched key with 6 pins, with anti-drill pins in tempered steel, anti-violation pins and a high resistance to pulling. CY110 is not only compliant but even overtakes European standard of security.

The punched key and the security design at 6 pins suite perfectly the master key systems in commercial applications. For residential applications, locksmiths can configure KA and KD on their own.

CY110 is the solution for very type of closing, from entrance doors to secondary buildings, from garage to mail boxes. For further information about CY110 range: