7100 Series

  • Floor spring with a closing force set for insoles of small thickness
  • Closing force sizes EN 1/2/3 according to EN 1154
  • For single action doors and/or fan and up to 100kg


  • Measuring only body with three closing forces fixed EN1-EN2-EN3
  • Opening up to 180° in both directions with hydraulic control from approx 135°. Free rotation from 135° to 180°. Hold open at 90°, 105° or at any angle between 135° and 180°.
  • Closing speed and latching action adjustable by valve higher thermodynamic independent and to ensure consistent performance under varying conditions of temperature
  • Check effect
  • Cast iron body
  • Deposit to be walled galvanized
  • Available in a version without stop, with stop at 90 ° and 105 ° stop