7700 Series

  • Heavy duty floor mounted door closer suitable for fire doors
  • Closing variable force EN2-EN4 according to EN 1154
  • For single action and/or double action doors up to 170kg
  • Certified 1.000.000 cycles of durability according to EN 1154
  • Version without Hold Open  marked


  • Closing speed and latching action adjustable via valves independent upper and thermodynamic to ensure a constant performance under varying conditions of temperature
  • Cast iron body
  • Cement box in galvanized steel
  • Opening angle up to 175° in both swings with hydraulic control from approx 105°. Free rotation from 105° to 180°
  • Dimensions: 277x110x70 mm
  • Hold open: 90° - 105° - without H.O.