Multipoint gear lock for security doors

  • The spring latch and the roller latch are interchangeable on the same lock, while blocking the hole with a cap (included) it turns into a dead bolt only
  • Adjustment of the spring latch (from 8 to 15 mm) and the roller latch (from 6 to 15 mm)
  • All models are reversible
  • Advanced dead bolts
  • Flat forend 24x3 mm
  • Handle/cylinder center distance: 85 mm
  • 25, 30, 35 and 40 mm backsets
  • It goes with standard DIN cylinders
  • The back of the lock is closed to prevent the entry of shavings
  • Additional technical features for the electric version
    - rated voltage 8-12V AC-DC
    - rated current 7 mmA
  • Finishing:
    - Stainless steel front pieces and fixing screws
    - Galvanized steel locks